Naked Cosmetics Clear Lip Base

Naked Cosmetics Clear Lip Base

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    as of 07/14/2020 9:25 am
Price:$ 9.99

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Naked Cosmetics Clear Lip Gloss – Combine with your favorite Naked Cosmetics Pigments to create your own custom lip colors….right on your lips! Use only a little pigment to create High Gloss, lip gloss look or use more pigment to create more of a traditional lipstick finish. All with a delightful hint of vanilla! For those who prefer no color, but love high gloss, Naked Cosmetics Cear lip gloss works great as a stand alone gloss!

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Create Your Own Custom Shade of Lipstick from your Naked Pigments! Glossy to Matte!
Delightful Hint of Vanilla
Made in the USA Lipstick Primers, Lips by Naked Cosmetics

Naked Cosmetics Clear Lip Base
Manufacturer: Naked Cosmetics

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