The Most Popular Lipstick Color

In a recent study, scientists at the University of Manchester observed the eye movements of 50 men who were being shown a series of women in photographs. It is not surprising that the subjects’ eyes lingered longest on the women wearing red lipstick (7.3 seconds). Next were the ladies wearing pink shades (6.7 seconds) and those who were barely given a glance were the ones with bare mouths (2.2 seconds).

There is nothing as divisive among beauty products as lipstick. Many people love it and others hate it cordially. You are either the kind of woman who do not even leave the flat without lipstick, or you only wear it for very few occasions, or you do not wear it any time. Those who fall into the latter two categories would reconsider their ideas on lipstick if they read statistics about what men think.

Another study showed that waitresses who wear, you guessed it, red lipstick, earn 50 percent more in tips than those in other colors because men found the waitresses in red lipstick more attractive.

If you think that red lipstick is too showy, and you feel that you are too shy to wear this color, try to incorporate a little pink or peach to your lips, to bring some color to them. Beginners can not start with a ruby red lipstick, so start with other colors first. Later, when you start to experiment with red, you have to find the shade that best suits you. It is not easy to find the best color for you, especially the best red, but it is not hopeless if you think it over. First you have to determine your skin tone: fair, medium, beige, olive, or dark. Your skin tone is an important factor in this question – certain shades of red look better on some skin tones than others. For example if you have fair skin tone, a matte, light red lipstick is the right choice for you, or you may choose coral reds or dark reds with pink undertones. For medium or olive skin, pink and cranberry shades, and brick reds are the best choice. Beige skin tone, dark blond hair and gray eyes are best with a dark, deep red with gold undertones. Dark skin is best compatible with burgundy or brown tones. If you are not sure which one is the best for you, choose cool red, which is compatible with every skin tone.

Putting on a red lipstick requires confidence, but wearing it may result confidence, too. Red lipstick is a symbol of effeminacy, glamour and power. It can be obtrusive, but if you wear it consciously, it can completely change your appearance and give you confidence. To achieve this, there are some rules you have to follow when wearing red lipstick. First, never wear it with heavy makeup, because it does not look well, and it can make you look older. You can pair it with high heels, but for everyday use, do not wear high heels with red lipstick. If your lips are very thin, try a rosy red or avoid red lips and accentuate your eyes instead. and finally, apply it with your fingers first, to make it look more natural. Use a gloss, a lip liner, and anything comes to your mind. There are so many ways to wear red lipstick, and you have to find your own one.