Zoya Nail Polish Suri

Zoya Nail Polish Suri

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Medium blue-toned purple with delicate red and blue shimmer and a smooth metallic finish. For a perfect royal purple nail with interesting red and blue sparkle detail. Color Family: Purples, Burgundy. Color Finish: Metallic Micro Glitter. Color Intensity: 5 ( 1=Sheer – 5=Opaque ). Color Tone: Cool. Original Collection: NYFW 2012 Diva.

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Zoya Nail Polish Suri Nail Polish, Nails by Roomidea

Zoya Zoya Nail Polish- Glimmer #ZP297 0.5 oz Ultra Glitzy Nude Pink Gold with Glittering Multi-Color Metallic Sparkles

Zoya Zoya Nail Polish- Shimmer #ZP296 0.5 oz Ultra Glitzy Nude Pink with Glittering Metallic Sparkles

Zoya Nail Polish Suri
UPC: 885525522646
Manufacturer: USA

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