Peripera Ink Fitting Shadow 0.05 Ounce 020 Dramatic

Peripera Ink Fitting Shadow 0.05 Ounce 020 Dramatic

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Price:$ 5.00

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[Item Feature] – ONE. Vivid pigments that stick to eyelids and stay on all day! Ink-like power in an eye shadow! COLOR PAYOFF, ADHERENCE, STAYING POWER. With a perfect score in all three, this eye shadow is the last one you’ll ever need! – TWO. An addictive texture you can’t stop touching! Incredible texture created by wet processing (04, 11, 13). Soft and dewy at first touch;you won’t be able to keep your hands away! – THREE. Effortless eye makeup that can’t go wrong! Create gorgeous eyes with eyeshadow alone!With INK Fitting Shadow, [About Color] 01 Ginger Tarta : natural MEBB (my eyes but better) shade 02 Sugar Sweet : Pearly shimmer for a sweet look 03 Morning Toast : An everyday color that crosses your mind first thing in the morning! 04 Chemistrya : shimmery gold to complement any eyeshadow color 05 Elegant : Milky brown of breathtaking elegance 06 Picture Perfect : An eye-catching gold befit of the red carpet 07 Cocoa Puffsa : chocolatey-sweet and crisp brown 08 Today’s Brew : Once hooked, there’s no escaping this addictive yellow brown 09 Chocolate Chip : Shimmery warmth on dimensional eyes 10 Chocopresso : Deep rich sweetness of a chocolate brown color 11 Bedazzled : Captivating sparkles of dewy brown 12 Espresso Shot : Bittersweet love is like a shot of espresso! 13 Cotton Candy ; Pearly opal for creating a set of mysterious eyes 14 Cherry Blossom : Warm pink with scents of spring 15 Burning Pink : Purple pink for the hottest eyes on the block 16 Peach Candle : A soft tinge of color reminiscent of candlelight 17 Pink Recipe ; The secret ingredient for heart melting eye makeup 18 Sweet And Tangy : Illuminating orange shimmer for a refreshing splash of color 19 Rose Ending : Love that lasts beyond the final petal – dry rose color 20 Dramatic : A rose brown color you can’t get out of your head!

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Volume : No.4,11,13 : 0.04 Ounce / Others : 0.05 Ounce / Period after opening : 12 months
Details : Ink-like color payoff from an eyeshadow / A texture you can’t keep your hands away from / A selection of the most beautiful fail-proof colors
Country of Origin : South Korea
The color displayed may vary depending on your screen. Eyes, Makeup by Peripera

Peripera Ink Fitting Shadow 0.05 Ounce 020 Dramatic
Manufacturer: Peripera

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