Measurable Difference Beauty Dreams Makeup Palette

Measurable Difference Beauty Dreams Makeup Palette

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Speed up the makeup application process – this set comes with everything, literally. Featuring anything you could need for a glowing, flawless face, you kiss stressful mornings goodbye for good. This set includes all the essentials like a matte bronzer for a healthy glow or subtle contouring, two shades of blush for either a shimmery or matte flush and four eyeshadow palettes for a color selection that will never leave you disappointed. Trust us, this palette will never leave your purse.

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An all-in-one makeup palette that includes eyeshadow, 2 blush shades and bronzer.
Bronzer, blush, and shadows
Compact enough to carry with you everywhere Makeup Palettes, Makeup by Measurable Difference

Measurable Difference Naked Eye Shadow Palette: Eight brown-based neutral eye shadow shades to flatter every skin tone in a convenient eye shadow paletteCreate more definition by using a deep, chocolaty or espresso tone in the eye-crease and at the outside cornerMake eyes look wider with a latte-beige lid and a stroke of vanilla on the brow boneCreate the most up-to-date natural nude look on your eyelidsBuy a 2nd one to keep in your purse and on your vanity, and also ready-to-go for your overnight bag, or travel make-up kit

Measurable Difference Beauty Dreams Makeup Palette
UPC: 811331027891
Manufacturer: Chrislie Formulations
Model: 7651

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