Velvet ALL DAY Liquid Eyeliner-3 pack of Smudge Proof Pens (charcoal)

Velvet ALL DAY Liquid Eyeliner-3 pack of Smudge Proof Pens (charcoal)

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Velvet is a new water based liquid eye liner with flexible tapered velvet like tip. This tip allows the eyeliner to glide on super smooth for more detail, control and precision. It is extremely easy to create thick, bold lines for a dramatic evening look or very thin detailed line for a classic everyday style. What makes Velvet different? Inside every pen there is a small ball like the ones found in nail polish. This allows you to mix the eyeliner before every use to prevent separation of color and clumping. The velvet tip is longer than most liners with a tapered tip. Having a tapered tip allows you to use the tip for thin detailed lines or to apply pressure for a thick solid line. This creates versatility. Instead of using a variety of tools, simply use Velvet for your fresh daytime style, exciting night look and even costume make up. Remove with warm water and cloth. Color Gray. Available in 7 colors (gray, green, black, blue, violet, magenta and dark brown) all sold on Amazon

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New direct ink system. Velvet is so easy to use! You will look like a make-up artist put on your eyeliner after you’re done.
The Velvet tip applicator brush is the perfect texture to allow for maximum control and the amount of product that comes out is regulated perfectly. One pen should last for months.
Water based liquid liner. Tapered, soft tip gives you the advantage of creating either bold lines for a dramatic look or very thin lines for a classic, elegant look.
Long lasting quick dry formula. Velvet is the only liquid eyeliner with precision control tip. This liquid eyeliner is amazingly easy to apply.
Revolutionary Velvet Tip for smooth skipping, dragging or pulling! Eyeliner, Eyes by Velvet by Migi Cosmetics

Velvet ALL DAY Liquid Eyeliner-3 pack of Smudge Proof Pens (charcoal)
UPC: 798762897586
Manufacturer: Migi

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