Morphee Pro 35 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette – Taupe Palette 35T

Morphee Pro 35 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette – Taupe Palette 35T

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Morphe Brushes has become a powerhouse in makeup products by offering the quality you’d expect with famous brands but at an affordable price. Morphe Brushes only manufactures makeup products that can exceed the quality of other brands and can offer it for a lot less and its reputation for quality quickly caught on. Now you can join the Morphe Brush revolution and create a flawless finish with the Morphe Pro 35 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Taupe Palette. Effortlessly match your look and easily create a warm and brilliant eye makeup finish that you didn’t think was possible. The Morphe Pro 35 Color Nude Eyeshadow Palette ensures every color is accounted for and perfect for someone who loves full creative control. The color eyeshadow palette will make your eyes pop with 35 matte and shimmer shades, allowing you to create beautiful day looks or glamorous night looks. Our 35-color eyeshadow palette is an essential palette for professional makeup artists, as the minerals used, such as high quality mineral oils are easy to apply. Morphe only uses the highest quality ingredients so no matter your skin moisture level our eyeshadow won’t run, blends effortlessly, and looks fresh all day long.

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The 35 Color Palette is a Multi-Spectrum Palette of Classic Taupe Toned Nude Hues
Every Shade in this 35 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette is designed to be applied Wet or Dry for a variety of Blending, Color Depth & Intensity
This Warm Neutral Eyeshadow Palette features Matte & Shimmer Shades
Create Beautiful Day Looks or Glamorous Night Time Looks with this Morphe Pro 35 Color Palette
Will become your favorite Makeup Palette due to its Versatility Eyeshadow, Eyes by MorphePro

Morphee Pro 35 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette – Taupe Palette 35T
UPC: 730544479016
Manufacturer: MorphePro

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