Froomer 120 Colors Eye Shadow Palette Set Matte Shimmer Eye Makeup Palette

Froomer 120 Colors Eye Shadow Palette Set Matte Shimmer Eye Makeup Palette

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Beginners how to apply eye makeup 1.Select the color is less obvious eye makeup Beginners are most afraid of the start is too heavy,leading to the color is too deep,or take a good eye shadow range,eye makeup seems strange.As a nude eye makeup,pick the color to be very attention.To the color is less obvious eye shadow for the selection of key,even if the start too heavy or the scope of painting too large,too small,can easily remedy. 2.The most pale eye shadow backing In recent years, monochrome eye makeup painting has been outdated, the latest, most in the painting is a cascading approach to create a progressive eye shadow. First of all, first in your eye shadow (which can be 2-3 monochrome eye shadow film, or multi-color eye shadow), pick out the most light eye shadow, a large range of the upper eyelids and the next part of the eye Bright eyes, so that the eyes seem to have God. 3.The third step: the color of the deep filling the double fold fold And then pick the color of the deep shadow of the eye shadow, slowly fill the fold at the fold. In order to avoid eye shadow is covered with double eyelids, painting eye shadow tips, it is “a small number of times” principle, while drawing the edge of the mirror you, and then slowly push the eye shadow until satisfied. 4.Eye makeup fourth step: to create the most eye shadow eye shadow makeup Will be the deepest color of the eye shadow, from the eyelid central to the end of the tail stacked in the past,to create a layer of eye makeup. 5.Finally, again heavy light eye shadow gently on the eyes around, that is,in the upper and lower eyelid part,increase the double pupil water brightness

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Palettes includes Matte and Shimmer colors, easy to match your look
120 colors to choose, multifunctional makeup palette,including eyebrow,blush,eye shadow
With 3 layer easy-to-carry design,easy to carry and use
Palettes sets for casual make-up, make-up for parties, wedding makeup,Halloween makeup
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120 Color Eye Shadow Palette Make Up Kit Set

Froomer 120 Colors Eye Shadow Palette Set Matte Shimmer Eye Makeup Palette
Manufacturer: Froomer

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