Mac Frost Lipstick, Bronze Shimmer by Mac

Mac Frost Lipstick, Bronze Shimmer by Mac

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Price:$ 61.00

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MAC Other – Lipstick – No. 093 Bronze Shimmer; 3g/0.1oz

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Mac Frost Lipstick, Bronze Shimmer Bath, Bath & Bathing Accessories by M.A.C

Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips, M.A.C Lipstick is available in hundreds of hues and high-fashion textures. It’s the iconic product that made M.A.C famous. How to use: Apply directly to lips. Color (s) : 3-d (f) , 4eva, 5-alarm (l) , 5n (l) , 5n (l) , a novel romance (c) , a perfect day, a rose romance (l) , ablaze, acid washed (g) , aim for gorgeous, all styled up (c) , all’s fair (l) , amorous (s) , angel (f) , antique velvet (m) , apres chic, archetype (l) , aristo -cat (f) , b-babe (f) , baby’s on fire (d) , barbeque, beach sand, beigeland (f) , black knight (c) , blankety (a) , blow dry (l) , bombshell (f) , brave (s) , brave red (c) , breathing fire, brick-o-la (a) , bronze shimmer (f) , bronzilla (f) , bubblegum (g) , bubbles (g) , by design (f) , by special order, call my bluff (c) , call the hairdresser! (l) , candy yum-yum (m) , capricious (l) , captive (s) , catty (l) , cb-96 (f) , charismatic (l) , chatterbox (a) , cherish (s) , chestnut (s) , chic (f) , chignon (g) , chili (m) , chintz (f) , cockney (l) , coconutty (f) , colour crafted (f) , colour me coral (f) , cosmo (a) , costa chic (f) , courting lilac (g) , courting seduction, cozy up, craving (a) , crazeee (f) , creme cerise (l) , creme cup (c) , creme d’nude (c) , creme de la femme (f) , creme in your coffee (c) , crosswires (c) , cunning (f) , cusp of dawn (l) , cut a caper (l) , cyber (s) , d for danger (m) , damn glamorous (m) , dangerous, dangerous (m) , dare you (c) , dark side (a) , deep love, deep rooted, deepest wish (a) , del rio (s) , designer blue, desire (l) , devils food, dew, diva (m) , diva antics, diva-ish (a) , dno ablaze, dno embrace me, dno heroine, dno heroine (m) , dno heroine, dno lavender whip, dno polished up (l) , dno silly, dno4ahaute al, dno72cozy up, dno77candy yu, dno97hot choc, dnocandy yum-yum (m) , dnoflamingo, dnofleshpot (s) , dnofusion pink (a) , dnomyself (l) , dnoneon orange, dnoneon orange (a) , dnopillow talk, dnoreel sexy (a) , dnoshow orchid (a) , dnosilly, dnosmoked purple (m) , dnosushi kiss, dnosweet n sour,

Mac Frost Lipstick, Bronze Shimmer by Mac
Manufacturer: Kodiake

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