Lip Shimmer-Raisin Burt’s Bees 1 Stick

Lip Shimmer-Raisin Burt’s Bees 1 Stick

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Lip Shimmer-Raisin by Burt’s Bees 1 Stick WHY THEY WORK We added a kiss of color and pearlized shine to our world famous lip balm. Theyre made from natural ingredients like vitamin E coconut and sunflower oils to moisturize and highlight your lips. They come now in eleven yummy shades. Perfect for everyone except the indecisive. HOW THEY WORK Apply shimmer to lips as often as needed or desired. It’s good for you. Eat it off. Kiss it off. Talk it off. Re-apply. NEW SHADE Cocoa – Delicate brown with a reddish tone. NEW SHADE Guava – Softly shimmering pale pink. NEW SHADE Papaya – Rich burnt orange. NEW SHADE Toffee – Softly neutral taupe. Champagne – A pearlized shimmering silver. Coffee – A rich roasted brown. Merlot – A luscious deep burgundy. Nutmeg – A sparkling golden bronze. Raisin – A luxurious earthy red. Rhubarb – a warm golden pink. Watermelon – A juicy silver pink. .0975 oz. Sunflower oil castor oil beeswax candelilla wax lanolin cocoa seed butter tocopheryl acetate tocophero

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lip shimmer in raisin
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Lip Shimmer – Plum – Burt’s Bees – 1 – Stick

Lip Shimmer-Raisin Burt\’s Bees 1 Stick
UPC: 792850371996
Manufacturer: Burt’s Bees
Model: Raisin

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