Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick (Rosette)

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick (Rosette)

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Glide on confidence with extraordinary comfort. Sweep on style with exquisite smoothness. In an instant, experience the transformation this exceptional lipstick inspires. Mary Kay® True DimensionsTM Lipstick effortlessly blends alluring femininity with the beauty of science. The range of head-turning shades lets you express every dimension of you – from fearless to fashionable to free-spirited – while the advanced formula targets the key qualities that give lips their contour and dimension – delivering the look of fullness and plumpness. It’s this brilliant fusion that elevates Mary Kay® True DimensionsTM Lipstick beyond ordinary lip color.Ultrastylish Push-Button DesignMary Kay® True DimensionsTM Lipstick looks as good in your hand as it does on your lips. The metalized, smoky platinum-colored case features a clear button on top, so you can see exactly the shade you’re looking for in your purse or makeup bag. Then, just a push of the button releases the trimline lipstick from its sleeve for an added cool factor. It’s so sleek and ultrastylish, it’s the perfect accessory to complement any outfit.

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Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick (Rosette) Lipstick, Lips by Voronajj

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick (Rosette)
UPC: 885331787437
Manufacturer: USA

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