Lancome Color Design Cream Lipstick ~ Timeless

Lancome Color Design Cream Lipstick ~ Timeless

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Containing soothing and emollient ingredients, this Lancome lipstick offers a soft and supple feel as you apply. Offering fade-resistant color and featuring adhesive properties, this lip makeup keeps your lip makeup intact. With just a single application, this lipstick offers complete coverage and a lasting shine on your lips

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Cream Lipstick
Complete coverage and lasting shine
Full size … .14 Oz … Boxed Lipstick, Lips by Lancome

24H An intensely vibrant eye shadow that blends seamlessly for crease-free 24-hour wear. Create effortlessly luminous looks that last. This cushiony, creamy powder allows for blendable, buildable coverage, and a brilliant finish. Marrying outstanding color with exceptionally long wear, this new generation of eye shadow delivers a vibrant, crease-free intensity.

Lancome Color Design Cream Lipstick ~ Timeless
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