Bonne Bell Smackers Lip Gloss/Balm, Candy Collection, 1 kit

Bonne Bell Smackers Lip Gloss/Balm, Candy Collection, 1 kit

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Price:$ 20.15

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Kit Contains: Lip Smacker M&M’s (3 – 0.42 oz/12 g); Lip Smacker Skittles/Tropical (3 – 0.42 oz/12 g); Lip Smacker Starburst Trio Tropical Fruit (3 – 0.15 oz/4.5 g); Smackers Starburst/Original Fruits (Cherry) (0.12 fl oz/3.5 ml); Liquid Lip Smacker Skittles/Original (Strawberry)/Tropical (Strawberry Watermelon) (0.09 fl oz/2.8 ml). Lip Smacker M&M’s: Delicious, milk chocolate M&M’s flavor. Chocolate is better in color. Collect Lip Smackers with your favorite M&M’s colors and characters for a moisturizing, chocolaty sweet shine. Red; Blue; Green. Lip Smacker Skittles: Smoothing fruit flavored lip balm. Banana Berry; Strawberry Watermelon; Mango Peach. Enjoy your favorite Skittles mouth-watering candy flavors in a pocket-sized Lip Smacker stick. Ultra-moisturizing ingredients smooth lips while the great Skittles flavor creates a flavorful smile. Lip Smacker Starburst: Yum! Candy flavor lip balm. Starburst flavored Lip Smackers in a juicy lip balm for lip-smackin’ candy flavor! Softens and smoothes lips with moisture-rich ingredients. Liquid Lip Smacker: Great Skittles flavor. Moisturizing shine. Skittles flavored Liquid Lip Smacker in a pocket-sized gloss for lip smackin’, candy-sweet shine! Moisturizing formula softens lips with mouth-watering fruit flavor. We do not test products on animals. Made in U.S.A.

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Treat lips to the candy-sweet flavor and shine of Skittles, Starburst and M&M’s flavored Smackers lip glosses
Collection includes 10 different lip glosses
Smackers candy flavors are sugar sweet and they satisfy every sweet tooth
Moisturizing ingredients bring a flavorful smile to everyone’s lips
Ideal to buy as a gift or to keep for yourself Lip Glosses, Lips by Bonne Bell

Bonne Bell Smackers Lip Gloss/Balm, Candy Collection, 1 kit
UPC: 050051580549
Manufacturer: Bonne Bell
Model: 58054

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