Almay One Coat Lip Color Lipstick SIENNA – RARE

Almay One Coat Lip Color Lipstick SIENNA – RARE

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Price:$ 17.50

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Product Information
Tired of looking for a quick touch up make up? Your search ends with the One Coat Lip color. Saving on your time, this Almay Lipstick is a kind of lip wear which does not require you to apply it again and again. With a hectic schedule, this Almay Lip Makeup helps you with convenient and quick makeup. The One Coat Lip color comes with a range of semi-sheer shades which you can match your persona with. Though this Almay Lipstick demands a one-time application, it promises to moisturize your lips and save them from drying. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your favorite shade of this Almay Lip Makeup to add a magic to that charismatic smile of yours!

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Almay One Coat Lip Color Lipstick SIENNA – RARE
UPC: 801000058431
Manufacturer: Almay
Model: 160

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