4K Stay All Day Full Coverage Lip Gloss

4K Stay All Day Full Coverage Lip Gloss

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Do you actually read this section? Well if you do, then you’re in for a treat gorgeous. Our 4K STAY ALL DAY FULL COVERAGE LIP GLOSS provides rich, lustrous, dramatic, full coverage creamy color, while allowing your pout to feel smooth, sexy and worry free. Sorry, you’ll have to go elsewhere for dry, parched lips. Wear this glorious gloss while eating lunch or dinner and then peer at your cute self in the mirror. No need to re-apply. The soft satin color is still there and so is the moisture. Once applied, allow the gloss to set for about 45 seconds. Then, ENJOY your day gorgeous!

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4 RICH, LUSTROUS, DRAMATIC, FULL COVERAGE lip colors that last up to 8 hours
SMOOTH, FEATHER LIGHT, bouncy, SATIN MATTE formula that uses copolymers which give this unique gloss its long wear super powers
4 colors: 1949 – vintage red, Nudist Colony – beige nude, Prom Queen – coral/pink, Double Agent – rich purple
Fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and not tested on animals Lipstick, Lips by Adept Cosmetics

4K Stay All Day Full Coverage Lip Gloss
UPC: 851619007016
Manufacturer: Adept Cosmetics

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