[SkinFood] Real Fresh Tint Juice 3.3g

[SkinFood] Real Fresh Tint Juice 3.3g

Retail Price: $30.50
    as of 02/20/2019 3:10 am
Price:$ 30.50

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Features Apply once : Tint GlossApply twice : LipstickRich Gloss and long lasting Fresh Tint Juice.

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Contains super moisture oil complex with 10 kinds of vegetable oil & butter.
Lipstick that creates smooth lips with moisturizng coating veil.
Creates vivid and lively color and gorgeous volume lips.
Natural shimmer offer style to lips.
3.3g Products, Beauty by Skin Food

[SkinFood] Real Fresh Tint Juice 3.3g
Manufacturer: SkinFood

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