Flavored Lipsticks

Lip balms are supposed to be cosmetics to enhance the natural beauty of women’s lips, but in our days, these stick-form beauty cosmetics are already available in a wide variety of flavors. From the weirdest flavors like nacho cheese or bacon lip balm to yummy flavors like cupcake or Wrigley’s juicy fruit taste lip balm, there is something for everyone. The most popular ones are fruit and beverage flavors, including strawberry, peach, apricot, watermelon, rye, champagne, banana, and pineapple, and there are entirely weird lip balm flavors as well.
As regards popularity, chocolate flavor is the absolute number one. Many variations exist, for example chocolate orange, chocolate mint, or chocolate hazelnut. The second most sold lipsticks are those with caramel taste. Another hot lipsticks are those with bubble-gum or candy taste.

The idea of having a Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla lipstick on your lips may sound unrealistic, but if you like Dr Pepper, why wouldn’t you taste it all day? If you prefer chocolate, buy a chocolate flavored lipstick. The number of opportunities is endless. Just think of how many lipsticks you eat through your life, and you will suddenly understand the importance of wearing flavored cosmetics. Everyone has a favorite food or drink, and it makes sense to buy a lipstick with that special flavor. Imagine that any time you lick your lips, you can taste your favorite cocktail or candy. If your boyfriend has the same taste, he will be happy, too.

Heineken beer came up with a new product that they say is the perfect gift that boyfriends or husbands can give their girlfriends of wives. It’s the Heineken Beer flavored Lip Gloss, the first beer flavored lipstick of all time. The product is available for less than 5 euros at the Heineken store. There are many other lipsticks with alcohol flavors, for example mojito flavored lipsticks and glosses with peppermint and lime essential oils, or the spicy tomato-vodka flavored Bloody Mary lipsticks. These cosmetics do not contain alcohol, but are named after alcoholic drinks with the marketing conception that we tend to be fond of tasty alcoholic drinks that make us happy and talkative during parties. We associate several good feelings with a product, and it reflects more than its original purpose. And above all, it is a good idea to connect lipsticks with tasty foods and drinks, since our mouth is primarily used for eating.

Most of the lipsticks do not have taste, but they smell good. It is because manufacturers only put the smell of a certain food or fruit which gives you the idea of eating that food. Usually lipsticks are colored with the same color of the flavor they imitate. For example, a chocolate flavored lipstick is brown, or a banana flavored one is yellowish. When you have a flavored lipstick, you lick your lips frequently, because your brain is in fact tricked. It can be really useful if you are on a diet: you can feel that you eat something delicious without actually eating it.