The History of Whoo Hwanyu Hwanyujinaek Essence 50ml Special Gift Set 2015 New

The History of Whoo Hwanyu Hwanyujinaek Essence 50ml Special Gift Set 2015 New

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Hwanyu Essence – 50 ml
Hwanyu Cream – 4 ml
Hwanyu Eye Cream – 4 ml
Hwahyun Balancer – 25 ml
Hwahyun Emulsion – 25 ml
Hwahyun Essence – 8 ml
Hwahyun Cream – 10 ml
Hwahyun Eye Cream – 5 ml
Hwahyun Wild Ginseng Ample Oil – 5 ml
Hwahyun Cleansing Foam – 50 ml
Luxury Lipstick mini (#25, coral pink) – 1 ea will be together.
◆ Hwanyu ◆
Fly towards the Great Immortality of this Age More Advanced Immortal Masterpiece, Hwanyu
     Ingredient for Eternal Youth
Hwanyu is the compound of 50 years old Jangsaenghasuo having miraculous anima of land, natural wild ginseng is good for rejuvenation, young antlers of the Siberian deer, Dongchunghacho which is called as herb of eternal youth and is more efficacious than ginseng and young antlers of the deer. Such ingredients were compounded through mysterious combination method. Particularly, the method of coordination of medical herbs which makes ingredients fresher. Effectiveness of the ingredients is penetrated into the skin.

Combination for Imperishability

Since the method of coordination of medical herbs was additionally used to maximize the efficacy of valuable medicine. Principal ingredient,”Gihyeoljeong” which forms the foundation of human body, including young antlers of the deer, Dongchunghacho, Jangsaenghasuo, snow lotus herb, natural wild ginseng and about seventy ingredients of traditional Oriental medicine compounded through principle of “Masters and Servants”, efficacy of such ingredients is maximized in the skin. Method of coordinating medical herbs is the combination method after considering their effectiveness.

Unchanging Skin

As time passes by, functions of body and skin are depreciated. Use new Hwanyu products and you will be able to experience the turnover of your skin.

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A glowing skin as time passes, Hwanyujinaek Essence
Powered by “Paljinbojeongdan”, a royal court’s secret ingredient with “Master(Gun)” ingredients, Hwanyujinaek Essence controls skin energy and circulation of the essence.
When using it with Hwanyugo Cream at the same time, they will produce the harmony of Ying and Yang and deliver the optimal benefits into the skin.
Directions of Use : At the last stage of basic skin care routine, take a modest amount and inhale the scent to calm your mind.
Lightly apply it to face and neck, Rub goth palms to center with the warm palms. Follow these with light, sweeping movements up the neck. Sets & Kits, Face by The History of Whoo

The History of Whoo Hwanyu Hwanyujinaek Essence 50ml Special Gift Set 2015 New
Manufacturer: LG cosmetics

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