Klapp X-Treme O2 Mask 250 ml 8.45 oz Big Size

Klapp X-Treme O2 Mask 250 ml 8.45 oz Big Size

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Nourishing cream mask with freshness effect for intensive moisturizing. An oxygen-active complex provides a radiant appearance and a regular complexion. The cell regeneration is stimulated so that the skin is given more elasticity and tensioning force. Caffeine provides an additional freshness kick

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O2 Mask by Klapp promises to increase the elasticity and tension of the skin and improve the moisture penetration of the skin. For a fresher and finer look. The oxygen-active complex contained in the x-treme O2 mask is intended to provide a more radiant appearance and a more even complexion.
The X-Treme O2 Mask’s perfusion, oxygen and energy-dissipating properties have the sensational effect of improving under-treated skin
Apply to the face, neck and décolleté after cleansing. After 20 minutes remove the remaining remnants with a damp sponge or gently massage
Tip: In addition to increasing the refreshment effect, the mask can be stored in the refrigerator.
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Klapp X-Treme O2 Mask 250 ml 8.45 oz Big Size
UPC: 768813331888
Manufacturer: Klapp

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