Klapp A Classic Effect Mask 250 ML 8.5 OZ BIG SIZE

Klapp A Classic Effect Mask 250 ML 8.5 OZ BIG SIZE

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Light mask-gel for intensive skin hydration, actively nourishes the skin, provides lifting effect. The mask effect is ideal for intensive care of mature skin. A complex of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid intensively moisturizes the skin. Vitamins A, E, F protect from the action of free radicals. Liposomes transport the active substances to the target cells. The structure of the skin is noticeably leveled, the complexion is improved.

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Light gel mask with lifting effect for the intensive moisture care of demanding skin. An ingredient complex made of aloe vera, vitamin A, E and F supplies moisture and offers protection against free radicals
KLAPP A Classic Effect Mask is a gel mask for demanding and tired skin. It provides the skin with moisture for a smoother, fresher and more vital appearance
(Immediate moisture balance) (Enhanced repair effect – firming) (Instantly visible smoothing effect, the skin looks fresh, plump and vital)
Apply twice a week to the cleansed skin and allow to work for 15-20 minutes. Remaining excess can be massaged or removed according to the sensation
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Klapp A Classic Effect Mask 250 ML 8.5 OZ BIG SIZE
UPC: 768813331895
Manufacturer: Klapp

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